Same Circus Different Clowns, the adventures continue...

Same Circus Different Clowns - Book 2

Following my first book Cookham To Cannes, I continue my mad adventure in the south of France along with my wife, Debbie, and our dog, Guss who is as baffled at what happens to us as everyone else. Just managing to slip the grasp of one mentally deranged employer, we set about finding someone to work for who had at least a modicum of sanity. As you’re about to discover, that was not going to be an easy task.

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The Wild Boar Make An Entrance

The lunacy continues as in the early hours of one morning, I find myself in the middle of a lawn with nothing to protect my dignity but a mop. Guss had started barking furiously as he could smell the wild boar who had found a hole in the fence and were heading straight for the owner's manicured lawn. Forgetting there were rental guests at the property, I opened the door of our apartment. Guss rushed past me and was heading as fast as his legs would carry him in the direction of the intruders, continuing to bark as he went. Hearing the commotion, lights flashed on in the villa's bedrooms. Would I have to explain myself or had my dignity been preserved?

Pizza Night...

Having only a few weeks left before we had to vacate our rooftop apartment in Antibes, where we had been for the winter, we went in search of work which we found just down the road at a villa in the very exclusive Cap D’Antibes. One afternoon, the owner decided that they were going to have pizza that evening and Debbie and I were tasked with making the pizzas from scratch using the oven situated in the hut within the grounds. This was going to be a steep learning curve. By 6pm I’d managed to get the wood burning and Debbie had made fresh toppings as well as the pizza bases. As the owners and their family sat down at the beautifully laid table in the garden, Debbie watched in horror as one pizza after another flew off the end of the pizza paddle towards the back of the oven, folding themselves in half as they went….