Cookham to Cannes, a true life story

Cookham to Cannes - Book 1

Cookham to Cannes is my first book about the time my wife and I have spent in France since leaving the UK in 2010. I share with you our personal journey through the south and south-west of France having arrived with very little money but, nonetheless, full of hope and expectation. Having driven off the ferry in Calais one drizzly afternoon, we could not have imagined in our wildest dreams what direction our future was about to take. It wasn't long before we began to discover that nothing in the south of France is as it seems. Catapulting ourselves from one adventure to the next this is our true yet incredible story....

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Dom Hemingway

Filming for this British black comedy, part of Dom Hemingway took place at a large villa where we worked in the Var. Debbie cooked for the actors Jude Law and Richard E Grant, as well as the rest of the film crew at the beginning of their time on the set. The Château previously belonged to British designer Laura Ashley and prior to that French actress Jeanne Moreau hosted famous people such as Orson Welles, Brigitte Bardot and Pablo Picasso. Princess Diana and former prime minister Margaret Thatcher are also among its previous guests.

Jude Law & Richard E Grant - Dom Hemingway
Jude Law & Richard E Grant - Dom Hemingway

Castres - The madness begins...

Castres is a picturesque town located in the Occitanie region in south west France. It is where we were to find out at first hand what it was like to work for, and live alongside, some very wealthy people. Blisteringly mad and just as nasty, the owner of the villa had us both in his sights as well as his grasp. Down to out last fifty euros when we arrived, would we be able to survive the summer with the lunatic who should never have been let loose on the public, let alone employ them?